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Our skin doctor offers a high quality service for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. This includes skin checks, skin biopsies and treatment of a wide range of skin conditions.

No referral is needed to make an appointment


Dr. Bakker is a GP with qualifications in Skin Cancer Medicine and Primary Care Dermatology. He is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancer types and skin conditions. Dr. Bakker continually ensures he is always up to date on the latest skin cancer research meaning he can provide you with the best primary care. This eliminates the need for a referral and allows you to feel confident in his care.


We offer a convenient, professional and skilled GP service with special interests in skin related issues such as skin cancer medicine, general primary care dermatology consultations, skin allergies, wound care and minor surgical procedures including skin cancer surgery. Our clinic is fully equipped and Dr. Bakker can perform most procedures onsite, including treatment of pre-cancerous sunspots and surgical excisions if required, referring any that need more specialised care.


We provide comprehensive skin cancer checks and advice ranging from initial skin checks to early diagnosis of skin cancer. We use high-resolution digital photography for early and timely diagnosis of skin cancer. We are all at risk from the suns damaging radiation. Through early intervention and yearly skin checks you can dramatically improve the outcome of this almost entirely preventable disease. Even skin that has never been exposed to the sun can develop skin cancer.

Regular skin checks mean early detection and early detection is the key to beating skin cancers. Our skin checks only take about 15 minutes but they are worth every second. We recommend a full body check every 12 months but you can choose to only have specific moles or blemishes checked if you prefer.

If you choose to visit us for a simple skin check you can feel safe in the knowledge that our practitioner is highly qualified in providing you with the best of care and have the latest tools in the fight against skin cancer.

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Talk to a skin care expert in Toowoomba that has your best interests at heart. Skin Doctor Toowoomba specialises in delivering prompt and caring skin care services, from regular skin cancer checks to the treatment of skin conditions, and skin surgery. Come and see us for a range of skin complaints, acne, rosacea, skin tags, moles, skin rashes and other blemishes. No referral is needed to see us


Skin Doctor Toowoomba aims to provide the highest quality of care for all kinds of dermatological conditions and be thorough and consistent in the early detection, treatment and management of all types of skin cancer.

Dr Izak Bakker

Dr Bakker graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1993 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and also obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) in 1986. He worked as a general practitioner in Pretoria from January 1994 to December 2001. Dr Bakker and his family moved to Australia in 2002 and subsequently joined the practice in Crows Nest.

In 2006 Dr Bakker became the sole owner and principal GP of Crows Nest Medical Centre.

Dr Bakker is a Fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has special interests in skin disease and skin cancer medicine and has obtained both a Certificate of Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery and a Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family but is also a bit of motorbike fanatic and loves nothing better than riding along the open road or off the beaten track.

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